Back off – Toora delivers message to miners

Out and about: Toora residents Julia Peddie, Catherine Williamson, Bev Smallwood and Nigel Plowright and Morgan Knoesen from coal seam gas Wellington awareness group took to the streets of Toora last week to determine community thoughts on coal seam gas mining in their town.

A SMALL group of Toora locals is standing up to the companies with coal seam gas exploration licences, by saying “no” to gas mining in their town.

Toora resident Bev Smallwood said her main concern is people are not realising fossil fuels have passed their use by date and that renewable sources need to be developed.

“We have got to stop putting carbon into the atmosphere. I care about South Gippsland and the quality of the air and water here,” Ms Smallwood said.

“Instead of stressing on a global level, I have decided to work locally and look after my own little patch. If we can live gas free, maybe others can too.

“People in South Gippsland really value their land and we hang in there. It is a really down to earth region.

“Gas has been taken from offshore already. We need to get these companies onto renewable energy sources if we want to survive.

“If everyone acts locally, and takes responsibility for their own region, environment and eco-systems, we may be able to.”

Morgan Knoesen from coal seam gas Wellington awareness group said there is only 30 years of gas left.

“What are we going to do in 30 years time? These companies are happy to destroy our water table for a finite resource,” Mr Knoesen said.

A small group of concerned locals worked together in Toora last week, asking residents if they would like a coal seam gas well in their backyard.

“In New South Wales, 96 to 99 per cent of people questioned did not want a well in their backyard,” Mr Knoesen said.

“One thing that is a bit sad for me is that around 70 per cent of the people who are getting out there and doing things are retired people. It is the younger generation who need to stand up.

“We have the responsibility to protect this land. The big companies involved will do it if we let them, the strength is in community.”

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  1. I am strongly opposed to coal seam gas extraction. I have seen what it can do to the water table and aquifers and the health impacts it has on people and animals. I don’t care how safe they say their methods are – I wouldn’t believe these people if they told me sun rises in the east. If there is anything under my land, there is no amount of money they can offer me that will change my mind. They will get to it over my cold, dead body.

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