Intrepid funnyman’s Wonthaggi base

Creating laughter: comedian Marcus Ryan of Wonthaggi travels the world delivering jokes to appreciative audiences.

POSSIBLY the only comedian to have ever come out of Wonthaggi, Marcus Ryan has been travelling across the globe for about 18 years, catching the travel bug with a funny strainin his early 20s.
Starting off at the community radio station 3MFM he started doing stand-up, which won him a chance to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland when he was 22 years old.
“I always liked making people laugh at school. I enjoyed public speaking and performing at school assemblies,” he said.
“I’m more comfortable talking at people than talking with people.
“If I can control my social situations then maybe as a shy person that’s an easier way to go through life, perhaps.”
Before Edinburgh, Mr Ryan had never been on a plane and had never been overseas but instead of coming back to Wonthaggi to recover, he has since lived overseas and been to the festival 10 times.
Since then, he never really stopped travelling and has performed comedy in more than 42 countries across six continents; it seems Mr Ryan has chosen a very unconventional route to deal with shyness and introversion.
He spends about four months “hibernating” in Wonthaggi with his family every year and the rest of the time, he’s living out of a suitcase.
Completing epic journeys through South East Asia and Latin America, he became the first person in history to perform English speaking stand-up comedy in several countries, including Laos, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Paraguay.
In his upcoming show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Marcos, he recounts stories from life on the road, albeit with a sex, drug and wild adventures turn.
“Wonthaggi gives me some creative ideas because when my family lets me, I get ideas from being around them for my shows,” he said.
“I think my biggest challenge is coming home and convincing my family that I am doing a job.
“They think I’m on holiday when I’m overseas and when I’m home they think I’m not working. So it’s hard to be in the house working and then my dad will ask me to help him dig a hole or something.”
His weirdest place to do comedy was not a country, but rather an elevator set up in a beer garden during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2003 where he said he completely bombed.
“It was a good challenge but it was a terrible challenge. It was very awkward and the psychology of the audience was that in they were in an elevator,” Mr Ryan said.
“So in a way, I trained for comedy, like Rocky trained for his boxing matches. I’ve done the hard yards. All the hard gigs I’ve had have made me a better comedian for sure.”
Continuing on his journey, Mr Ryan will station himself at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for his Marcos tour.
After that he will find another comedic challenge across the world wherever his globetrotting funny heart takes him.

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