Karmai on stage

WHO would have thought of a theatre show about Korumburra and Karmai the Giant Earthworm?

Melita Rowston thought of it, that’s who.

The Sydney based writer and performer is bringing her show Hey! Yeah! It’s Molly’s Travelling Worm Show! to Melbourne and is hoping for some Korumburra residents to join the audience.

Karmai creation: Melita Rowston has written and will be performing in Hey! Yeah! It’s Molly’s Travelling Worm Show! based on Korumburra’s Karmai Festival.

Karmai creation: Melita Rowston has written and will be performing in Hey! Yeah! It’s Molly’s Travelling Worm Show! based on Korumburra’s Karmai Festival.

Ms Rowston said the show is based on the variety style TV shows of the ’80s.

“One thing I really loved about the Karmai Festival was there were these really big worm kings and queens like Daryl Somers and the late Shirley Straun and those kinds of people who got involved,” she said.

“We dipped back into our memories of ’80s variety TV and of course Hey, Hey It’s Saturday and Shirl’s Neighbourhood came to mind and we thought why don’t we put all that messy variety show kind of stuff into a theatre show.”

The show itself is set in Korumburra.

“We set the scene that I am trapped in a motel room in Korumburra and I am trying to find out information about the worm,” Ms Rowston explains.

“We structured it as a Wizard of Oz style journey to find the wizard that made the great puppet. We go on a bit of a hero’s journey.

“We’ve made these manky versions of Ozzie the Ostrich and Paul the Crow and they are like the old guys in the Muppets talking about the show, so we’ve certainly gone with the comic angle.”

Ms Rowston said the support by current and past Korumburra residents had been fantastic.

“The really crazy and exciting things are the responses we have had on the Facebook page,” she said.

“All these people have come out of the woodwork and are remembering the worm which is a great response.

“We’ve been able to put some of that stuff into the show quoting people’s memories and showing their photos.”

The response was overwhelming.

“It is a lot more than I thought,” Ms Rowston said.

“When I first went down to Korumburra a year or two ago no one remembered a thing (about the Karmai Festival) and it was really difficult to try and find information.

“We’d kind of gone through the stages and put up posters around town and mainly just the older people rang me but we never had actually spoken to anyone that was a worm boy or worm girl.

“We thought it was crazy we hadn’t because there was so many of them, so I was really excited when all the stuff started flowing in.”

Ms Rowston has heard rumours a number of locals are coming to the shows.

“We are hearing there are buses being organised,” she said.

“We also have been told there is a group planning to turn up in ’80s clothes and really get into the whole thing fishing out their old Karmai t-shirts and really get into it.”

There will be 12 shows of the Hey! Yeah! It’s Molly’s Travelling Worm Show! at the Malthouse Theatre starting Tuesday, August 13.

“We have a whole lot of regional touring people coming so we are hoping we will be able to take it on the road and tour around regional Victoria and even Korumburra,” Ms Rowston said

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