Prime yarding up by 350 head

Talking shop: from left, Bill Sweeney of Leongatha North, a founder of SEJ livestock agency, discusses the quality of the yarding with his agent, SEJ Leongatha’s Paul Wilson, at last Thursday’s VLE Leongatha store sale.

Considering pens: Anthony Hullick (left) of Tarwin Lower was in the market for cattle for Westside Meat at Bacchus Marsh at the VLE Leongatha store sale last Thursday. He was with Kev Clark of South Gippsland Livestock.

Cattle to buy: from left, Ryanston beef farmer Andrew Page talks about the quality of the yarding with agent Alan Bolding of Alex Scott and Staff at the VLE store sale last Thursday.

Offers roll in: Landmark staff were met with ample offers for cattle at the VLE Leongatha store sale last Thursday. From left, Adam Sutton, Stu Jenkin, Matt Loughridge and Kev Clark.


Store sale report

Thursday, March 30
Steers: K.A., M. & G.E. Smith, Jumbunna, 1 x $1820; A.J. Vuillermin, Doomburrim, 7 x $1820; Gippsland Grazing P/L, 1 x $1740; G. & J. Schepers, Won Wron, 2 x $1730; A.L. & K. Houston, Nerrena, 2 x $1700; Glen Alvie Dairies, Glen Alvie, 1 x $1690.
Heifers: D. Pilkington and F. Toohey, Waratah North, 2 x $1940; G.W. & T.A. Shilliday, Fish Creek, 5 x $1430; Glen Alvie Dairies, Glen Alvie, 1 x $1310; R. Boddy & Son, Woodside, 6 x $1300; T. & L. Butcher, Allambee East, 9 x $1300; C. Hempel, Koonwarra, 1 x $1300.
Bulls: A. Mort, Loch, 1 x $2,000.
Cow and calf: S.B. Marriott Livestock, Outtrim, 10 x $2900; J. & K. Hilliar, Mirboo, 6 x $2320; Glen Alvie Dairies, Glen Alvie, 10 x $2280; T.P. Bermingham, Glengarry, 13 x $2100; A.L. & S.J. Matthews, Dumbalk, 3 x $1800; Lester Farms, Koorooman, 2 x $1640.

Prime cattle report

There were approximately 1700 export and 300 young cattle penned representing an increase of 350 head week on week.
The usual buying group was present and operating in a solid market which was dearer in places.
Quality was good in the 900 steers and bullocks while the young cattle run was fairly mixed and the 700 cows held a few more well finished heavy weights.
A larger selection of vealers suited to butchers sold firm along with the yearling trade steers. A better quality offering of yearling heifers suited to the trade improved 10c to 15c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks sold from firm to a few cents dearer with secondary lines showing the best improvement. Heavy weight Friesian manufacturing steers jumped 20c while the crossbred portion lifted 12c/kg. Cows sold mostly 5c to 10c dearer and heavy weight bulls improved 8c/kg.
Heavy weight vealers suited to butchers sold from 340c to 365c/kg. Yearling trade steers made between 325c and 346c/kg. Yearling heifers to the trade sold between 306c and 343c/kg.
Grown steers made from 306c to 329c/kg. Bullocks sold from 297c to 325c/kg. A larger selection of heavy weight grown heifers made between 265c and 310c/kg. Heavy weight Friesian manufacturing steers sold between 240c and 280c with the crossbred portion between 259c and 312c/kg.
Most light and medium weight cows made from 180c to 236c/kg. Heavy weight cows sold mostly from 202c to 266c/kg. Heavy weight C and B muscle bulls made between 250c and 291c with the dairy lots between 236c and 254c/kg. .
The next sale draw – April 5: 1. Elders, 2. Phelan & Henderson & Co, 3. Alex Scott & Staff, 4. Landmark, 5. SEJ, 6. Rodwells.
Sheep sale Wednesday, April 5 at 12pm (fortnightly).
Prime Sale – Wednesday, March 29
1 J. Toole, Glen Alvie 695.0kg 340.0 $2363.00
1 A. Mort, Loch 550.0kg 339.6 $1867.80
11 R. Crouch, Welshpool 611.4kg 329.2 $2012.61
10 Compro Solutions P/L, Krowera 565.5kg 327.6 $1852.58
16 Nicholl Primary Prod, Nilma Nth 642.2kg 325.0 $2087.11
13 A.J. Vuillermin, Doomburrim 606.5kg 325.0 $1971.25
1 Leith Park, Loch 470.0kg 365.0 $1715.50
2 P. Van Heerwaarden, Bena 347.5kg 360.0 $1251.00
1 JDK Pastoral Co, Korumburra 420.0kg 360.0 $1512.00
1 Andco P/L, Mardan 380.0kg 355.6 $1351.28
3 J. Geary, Leongatha 476.7kg 350.0 $1668.33
1 M. & R. Russell, Krowera 450.0kg 350.0 $1575.00
1 M. & R. Russell, Krowera 390.0kg 360.0 $1404.00
1 P. Van Heerwaarden, Bena 330.0kg 360.0 $1188.00
1 Allmi Nom, Leongatha South 275.0kg 359.6 $998.90
2 Andco P/L, Mardan 335.0kg 355.6 $1191.26
1 J. Geary, Leongatha 555.0kg 350.0 $1942.50
1 S. & L. Harrison, Giffard 410.0kg 343.3 $1407.53
1 Malabar Farm, Tarwin Lower 530.0kg 266.0 $1409.80
2 Allmi Nom, Leongatha South 732.5kg 264.0 $1933.80
11 Blackwood Grazing Trafalgar 635.9kg 260.6 $1657.18
9 G.W. & G.J. Bland, Yarram 647.8kg 256.6 $1662.20
2 Malabar Farm, Tarwin Lower 500.0kg 255.0 $1275.00
1 T. & A. Shandley, Koorooman 660.0kg 253.6 $1673.76
1 Mount Angus Stud P/L, Trafalgar 1205.0kg 290.6 $3501.73
1 R.J. MacKenzie, Leongatha 1030.0kg 283.6 $2921.08
1 G. Turner, Toora 920.0kg 280.6 $2581.52
1 R. & S. Irvin, Nerrena 895.0kg 279.6 $2502.42
1 P. & B. Bolding, Hazelwood Nth 995.0kg 278.6 $2772.07
1 Mareeba Park, Jeetho West 865.0kg 276.6 $2392.59

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