Prowler stalks Koonwarra

KOONWARRA residents continue to remain on high alert, with a prowler still knocking on doors late at night.

Reports of the prowler have prompted police to patrol the streets several nights a week in the hope of catching the offender.

Worried residents are installing security cameras around their homes in a bid to catch the snooper.

The perpetrator has been knocking on doors late at night and fleeing before occupants have a chance to identify them.

The Star issued a warning to the public on its Facebook page last week and that post reached more than 8600 people.

Senior Constable Nathan Grist of Leongatha Police said a “tall, skinny male” had been appearing on people’s back doors.

“When they go and investigate, he’s gone,” he said.

S/C Grist believed the prowler had been frequenting properties in and around Kangaroo Rise, and had been moving through bush adjoining those properties.

“If people hear or see anything, do not hesitate in calling triple zero at the time so that way we can strike while the iron is hot rather than chasing ghosts,” he said.

S/C Grist did not believe the prowler could commit more serious offences.

Koonwarra resident Denis Hawkins experienced a stranger wandering around his Swan Road property around 10.30pm recently.

“It sounded like there was someone lightly knocking on the door,” he said.

“I had heard about the prowler before this happened and I believe there is somebody hanging around.

“I thought there was someone at the door and so I got up and had a look but didn’t see anyone.

“I’ve got cameras that cover all around the house, however at the time I was in the middle of replacing them so they were actually turned off.”

Mr Hawkins has sensor lights around his property and the front light turned on when he heard the knocking.

“Some of the locals are frightened and have started installing cameras on their properties in Koonwarra,” he said.

“I don’t want people to have to live in fear. People just need to be a bit more vigilant if there is a prowler around.”

The Star has heard reports of a person recently entering a home in Koonwarra on, or near Kookaburra Drive, in the middle of the night.

The prowler activity is not only confined to Koonwarra, with Alana Anson of Wonthaggi also experiencing late night door knocking at her Merrin Crescent home.

“I recently had someone knock on my door on a Monday at 3am,” she said.

“I woke up to the sound of the person knocking and when I was sitting on my bed they were still knocking so I know I wasn’t dreaming.

“When I finally got up and went to open the door, there was no one there. I haven’t heard anything since.”

Mikalah MacPherson, also from Wonthaggi, said she also had an unwanted person on her property one night.

“I caught him knocking on my window then he ran,” she said.

Police have urged the public to secure their home by locking doors, sheds and cars, and closing all bedroom curtains at night.



Creeping around: owner of Denis Hawkins Jewellery, Denis Hawkins heard someone lightly knocking on the glass sliding door of his Koonwarra home recently. The unknown person vanished before Mr Hawkins could catch them.

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