Spooks visit Leongatha family

HAUNTED HOME: Tayla and mother Shelley Pitts hold up the wedding photo that was thrown across their dining room by an unknown source recently, but they don’t believe it was an evil act.

APPARITIONS, objects that go missing and are never found again, and knocking by an unknown source are common occurrences for the Pitts family.
Their home, which they believe was an old miner’s cottage, was moved from Yallourn in the 1970s to Leongatha.
Shelley Pitts said her daughter Tayla, husband Danny and herself have been living in the house for nearly 11 years.
All three reported strange occurrences in the home, but not until around their fifth year of occupancy.
“My daughter’s room is the main room for paranormal activity,” Shelley said.
Nineteen-year-old Tayla said she had an unnerving experience one evening when she was sitting on the end of her bed with her cat, Jasper.
“Jasper’s ball came rolling across the hallway into my room and stopped when it hit the wall,” Tayla said.
“I could hear the noise of the bell in the ball first and then saw it roll in.”
Tayla said her cat was distressed by the inexplicable incident.
The curtain sash in Tayla’s room has also been spotted swaying back and forth on its own accord, despite all windows being sealed tightly.
“Tayla’s room is one of the original rooms of the old house,” Shelley said.
More alarmingly, Shelley has seen the apparition of a seven foot man wearing all black walk past her dining room.
The man, who is extremely thin and appears to be wearing a Quaker hat, has been observed several times by the family walking across the living room before stopping at the kitchen and then vanishing.
“The kitchen is an extension of the home and nothing ever happens there. He just stops at the kitchen,” Mrs Pitts said.
“When I first saw him, I thought it was my husband. I was mystified. Then he just vanished.”
Danny also reported seeing the apparition of the man once, a few years ago.
The most recent activity, and one that left the family spooked, happened about a month ago.
Shelley heard a loud crash and ran into the dining room of their home to find her wedding photo had flown off the mantelpiece and had landed in the centre of the room, face up and glass unbroken.
“There was an ornament in front of it and it also fell off and landed on the hearth below it. But our wedding photo was in the middle of the room. I have no idea how it got there,” she said.
Danny reported being awoken one night to see a young girl standing at the end of the bed.
The girl, about five years old, had blonde hair and wore an old, white night gown.
“Once I looked at her, she disappeared,” he said.
Another instance was their garage door opening of its own accord.
“I saw the door go up and I heard music being played. I thought my husband was home and went downstairs to look and no one was there,” Shelley said.
“I had friends over too, and they got to experience it.”
The sounds of footsteps up the 11 steps to their front door occur frequently, as does a constant knock in one of the walls in the dining room.
“Activity is rarer during the day. When we first heard the footsteps, we thought it was an intruder,” Shelley said.
But according to the family, they don’t believe their unknown visitors are sinister.
“We’ve never thought about moving. It doesn’t annoy us. I’m not fearful, it’s just there,” Shelley said.

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