What is out there?

SOMETHING was happening in the skies in 1978.
A pilot went missing en route to King Island, losing radio contact soon after reporting being followed by an unidentified flying object.
Weeks before, a Sale man was pursued by a flying disc for three hours while deer hunting at Briagolong.
Months later, a television news crew in New Zealand captured footage of airborne discs.
The story of the missing pilot, Frederick Valentich, touched Grant Robinson who was just 10 at the time.
“Someone was testing something. Something was going on,” he said.
Now all these years later, the Venus Bay man has penned the stories of these and other mysteries in a new book, Great Gippsland Mysteries, to be launched at Fish Creek this Saturday.
The book compiles reports of unsolved sightings and experiences across the region, spanning unidentified flying and submersible objects, Tasmanian tigers, black cats, and even a theory that John Friedrich, the National Security Council of Australia chief, was a CIA operative.
The famed story of Tarwin Lower’s The Lady of the Swamp also rates a passage and there are enthralling yarns about ghosts, intriguing deaths and maritime tales.
The book even mentions mysteries never written about before, including the tale of Erich Schweighofer, the Sale deer hunter.
“For three hours he watched and was pursued by the disc. He was close to 50m from it. They took me to the spot,” Mr Robinson said.
“This was three weeks before Valentich’s disappearance. Most people know about Valentich because it’s pretty endearing in Australian history.
“I’m not saying aliens took him but there was definitely something going on.”
Mr Valentich had left Moorabbin airport on a training flight in October 1978 when he went missing. Neither Mr Valentich nor his plane were ever found.
Unusual scenarios were also reported at sea level. Unidentified submersible objects were seen off the beach near Wonthaggi.
“A few blokes saw some things that were lit up off the beach for a while and then they disappeared under the water,” Mr Robinson said.
Mr Friedrich was based at Sale during his work with the safety council and the book links him with the former Omega tower at Woodside, which opened in 1982 and since closed.
“I think there is a lot more to him than we actually know,” he said.
Tasmanian tigers – or thylacines – have been reported in South Gippsland in the past and the Wonthaggi Monster was most likely to have been one, Mr Robinson believed.
“In 1915, a group of men reportedly released thylacines at the Prom because they wanted to turn Victoria into a free range zoo,” he said.
“Since then, the thylacine sightings have branched out from the Prom, from Grantville through to Loch Sport.”
Big cat sightings often come to light in Gippsland and Mr Robinson records reports as far as Mallacoota in far East Gippsland.
Mr Robinson does not necessarily take reports of the paranormal as gospel, instead analysing the mysteries through the goggles of his profession as a maths and science teacher, and offering his own theories.
But he has had a personal spiritual encounter and that experience has led him to believe there is more to the world than what one sees at face level.
As a boy, he found his stepfather dead. While later walking past that location, he felt someone touch him but looked around to see nobody there – in person at least.
“I felt that touch for long enough to make me look behind,” Mr Robinson said.
In researching his book, Mr Robinson placed ads in newspapers across Gippsland seeking leads and explored the archives of the State Library of Victoria.
He has so much information he is planning another book.
• Mr Robinson will launch Great Gippsland Mysteries at the Fish Creek Newsagency this Saturday, August 30 from 10am onwards.

Captivating stories: Venus Bay author Grant Robinson has compiled stories about intriguing events from throughout the region in his book Great Gippsland Mysteries.

Captivating stories: Venus Bay author Grant Robinson has compiled stories about intriguing events from throughout the region in his book Great Gippsland Mysteries.

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