Bomb scare for schools


Bomb scare for schools


PARENTS have praised Wonthaggi Primary School’s reaction to a hoax bomb threat made on Friday – just the second day of school for the year.

Wonthaggi, Cowes and other Gippsland primary schools receive phone calls threatening to explode bombs in the school grounds.

For many Preps, Friday was their first day of school, but teachers activated emergency procedures calmly as parents were informed and students were unafraid.

Wonthaggi and Cowes primary schools received anonymous calls around 11am on Friday, 29 threatening to detonate explosives. The calls were from an unknown source believed to be computer generated.

For what was the first day of school for many Prep students, it will certainly be one to remember.

Jessica Feather, a mother of two Wonthaggi Primary School students, said parents were well notified about the incident and staff handled the situation well.               

“All the Preps’ parents and guardians got personal phone calls from the school so the parents did not feel alarmed. We were happy the students were none the wiser about what was happening,” Ms Feather said.

Wonthaggi Primary School posted information on its Facebook page to inform parents of events throughout the day.

The post stated, “Just to let parents know that there have been a number of bomb threats across a lot of schools in Gippsland. We evacuated to the gym. The police have attended and the site is safe and the children will be returning to class soon. Police have swept the areas and do not have concerns.”

One parent, Gemma Stewart commented on the post, thanking staff for their professionalism during the incident.

“Thank you Wonthaggi Primary School for handling the situation so well. As a Prep parent I am so grateful for the phone call of reassurance I just received,” she said.

Another parent, Corrina Barry, also expressed her gratitude on Facebook.

“Thank you for looking after the children so well. I am grateful and appreciative of what you all did today,” she said.

Sergeant Glenn Birt said Wonthaggi Police attended both incidents and were treating them as hoaxes.

“Both schools activated their action plans and police attended both of the threatened schools,” he said.

Wonthaggi Primary School resumed classes in the afternoon after students were evacuated.

Principal Leonie Anstey said, “We worked with police and the Department of Education and returned to school once it was deemed safe. The safety and wellbeing of our students is our number one priority.

“We did our best to contact parents throughout the day. The students were fantastic and remained calm and orderly.”

Cowes Primary School shut classes while Wonthaggi Police investigated the premises.

Primary schools in Sale, Warragul, Lakes Entrance and Morwell also received bomb threats on Friday however no explosives were deployed.

A Victoria Police representative said the computer generated phone calls were being treated as a hoax rather than as a threat of terrorism.

“Victoria Police can confirm it is treating the threatening phone calls received by a number of Victorian schools today as a hoax,” they said.

“We are satisfied there are no imminent threats to schools and the threats are not terrorism related.”

Victoria Police are investigating the origin of the calls and anyone with further information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

JESSICA, Maverick and Oliver Feather remained calm following a bomb threat at Wonthaggi Primary School on Friday. The news marred the start of the 2016 school year across South Gippsland.

Jessica, Maverick and Oliver Feather remained calm following a bomb threat at Wonthaggi Primary School on Friday. The news marred the start of the 2016 school year across South Gippsland.


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