Creator feels free


Creator feels free

SACHA Lamont could not produce art confidently until she moved from her native Yugoslavia to Australia.

When audiences know her well, she feels more under scrutiny as an artist and less able to produce works that appease her own tastes.

“When I came to Australia, it was like a feeling of having shoes that were too small and you were allowed to walk barefoot on the sand.

“The sky was so big and I thought I had finally arrived. People are pretty much relaxed, less tense than most, especially Americans. Australia is more real than other places. People are still much more aware of their environment and less trapped inside their hats.”

Art, Sacha believes, has to engage audiences reflect a meaningful piece of work.

“Art is important but art is telling you the truth which is not necessarily pleasant or nice, always,” she said.

“What is strong is beautiful but could even be disgusting.”

The Leongatha artist assumed the role of curator at the Meeniyan Art Gallery in October last year.

“I have the impression that people think it’s a glamorous sort of job.”

A trained art historian, she believes her breadth of knowledge of the many facets of art has placed her well to assess others’ work.

“You have to know everything, from avant-garde to the present day because otherwise there is no way you can judge anybody’s art. You need lots of brain science, lots of aesthetics, lots of arts theory.”

She maintains an interest in the arts: printing, painting, drawing, graphic design, mixing typical media with unusual additions such as metal filings, and drawing on a mix of retro and contemporary styles.

Abstract works are a speciality, an art form the self prescribed atheist and cosmopolitan describes as “tribal”.

“It starts looking like a photographic likeness and then it gets further and further away from it. A lot of my art is about texture.”

At home: Meeniyan Art Gallery curator Sacha Lamont.

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