Dog gone


Dog gone

POLICE are urging pet owners to be cautious, alert and extra vigilant when taking their animals out in public.

A cherished family dog was killed after eating a poisonous bait in Inverloch recently.

Police found three such baits that had been laid around Inverloch Recreation Reserve.

The Inverloch Veterinary Clinic is now recommending dogs be kept on leads at all times when being walked in public and are urging owners to watch for baits.

It appears the poison was a combination of rat poison and food, tied together.

Officers from the Department of Agricultural and Industry Victoria have taken a sample of the bait for analysis.

Inverloch Police have no suspects are this stage.

“People are being more aware now and hopefully with all of the media attention, this person won’t do it again,” Inverloch Police Senior Constable Brad Heber said.

Gnarly the kelpie was deliberately poisoned on Sunday, June 25.

Owner Dave Wijsma had taken the seven year old for two walks the day she was poisoned.

“I walked her down to the shops on Sunday afternoon to get some dog food for her, and then when we got back, I fed her some dinner and put her to bed,” he said.

“When I woke the next morning, there was blue vomit in her bed, at the door and all down the driveway.

“We searched but couldn’t find her anywhere.

“Later on that morning our neighbour from across the street knocked on the door with the bad news.

“She was found lifeless, lying in her own faeces and vomit.

“It’s the sort of thing we didn’t really want my three year old daughter to see because Gnarly was in a pretty bad state.”

The family dug a grave for Gnarly in the middle of their yard, underneath a fire pit.

“Whenever we would sit around the fire in the backyard, Gnarly would always be there with us so I told my daughter that when we have the fire going, we can sit around and remember her,” Mr Wijsma said.

“My daughter doesn’t understand and has been constantly asking if she can see Gnarly and telling us she misses Gnarly.

“The ongoing reminders will be hard for her.

“Gnarly always came to work with me. I’d tie her up to the back of my ute and everyone at work is devastated. They would always be throwing the ball for her.

“Every night when I’d come home from work, wife  Emma and my daughter would always greet Gnarly and I at the front door.

“She was the best dog, always happy to see anyone and everyone.

“Originally police said there was not much they could do, however a vet contacted the police and told them they should investigate.

“They’re doing some investigating to check what bait it is and definitely check that what Gnarly took was the bait, even though it’s pretty clear it was considering her vomit was blue.

“It’s too late for Gnarly. She’s gone but they need to prevent it from happening again ever.  It’s a pretty unsafe way about going about it.”

“She was so special to me because I got her just before I met my wife Emma and she was always by my side and when she wasn’t she was with Emma.

“We can’t just get another dog, it’s not the same. She was so memorable.

“I think that in all situations, people should really think before taking drastic measures because not only has this killed an innocent animal, it’s affected our family.”

If you have any information or find a bait please immediately contact the Inverloch Police Station on 5674 1202 or 000.

Shocked: Dave Wijsma was stunned by the death of his beloved kelpie Gnarly after the dog ate a poisonous bait.

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