Fiona reveals golden streak


Fiona reveals golden streak

FANS of Kongwak artist Fiona Kennedy have long considered her work treasures.

Her foray into working with gold leaf confirms their beliefs.

Kennedy’s latest exhibition, Embrace at the Inverloch Community Hub,  features works of mixed media including gold leaf, some 23 carat gold, taking her work into another dimension.

“The gold just creates another depth to the work and picks up the light. I find that through the day, the paintings will change as the lights reflects off them.

“There is movement in there with the different reflections.”

The exhibition title carries a deep meaning and follows throughout the works, with each allocated an overarching title with ‘embrace’ and another word, such as ‘life’ and ‘love’, reflecting the sentiment of the piece.

“With all the different words, change, life, joy, kindness and love, if you take all these words on and involve them in your life, it’s amazing what sort of possibilities you can bring into your life.

“But if you do not embrace these things, you are often seeing the negative of these possibilities but if you see the opposite, you will have lots of positives in your life.”

Angel and Child depicts a mother holding a child. The baby grasps a swirl that is part of the mother’s hair. Swirls are icons of Kennedy’s art, leading upwards, encouraging the viewer to look at life from an eagle’s perspective.

The swirl, and the mother’s angel wings, indicate she is the ultimate mother.

Women are common in Kennedy’s art, as are symbols of the natural world.

“I have five amazing sisters and two beautiful daughters, and just because they have a huge influence, women in my art comes naturally, and with my love of nature, that combinations just happens.”

Another work depicts the bird, golden spinebill. Kennedy was initially to paint a hummingbird, the symbol of joy, but sought a native alternative.

“I looked up on the computer and found the golden spinebill and I heard this tap, tap on my window and there was this bird, the spinebill. I had never seen it before. It was just incredible, like it was meant to happen. I was just blown away.”

Embedded sequins are throughout Kennedy’s work, adding a dynamic feel.

Butterflies hover around a tree in Flowering Gum, while humanity and nature unites in Girl with Egret.

Kennedy’s favouritism of large scale works ensures work make an impact, even though these take more than a month to complete.

“I love throwing myself into the work and the emotion in it is a lot stronger on a bigger scale.

“I have had people build their homes around my artwork because it has such an impact.”

Kennedy will be at the hub daily to talk about her works with visitors.

The exhibition is the culmination of a year’s worth of work, all completed in oils, and continues until January 31, open from

11-5pm daily.

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