Graham helps the marginalised


Graham helps the marginalised

Always helping: Archdeacon of the Anglican Parish of Leongatha, Graham Knott, at home in church and always lending a hand.

ARCHDEACON of the Anglican Parish of Leongatha, Graham Knott, is clear about why he devotes his life to the priesthood – to remind us that Jesus sees in everybody a person worth loving.

Originally from the United Kingdom and a priest since 1980, his role as archdeacon of South Gippsland sees him looking after regions that span much of the south coast.

He is closely involved with activities from the Leongatha, Dumbalk, Meeniyan and Tarwin Lower parishes.

To be ordained as a priest, one must be a person of faith though there is no set role for a priest nor archdeacon. A rigorous selection process is conducted, involving long periods of close observation and work alongside another priest. Eventually, it is a bishop who selects archdeacons.

A degree in theology plus vocational work is a requirement to enter the congregation. And Mr Knott has seen his fair share of people throughout his 40 years of faith.

“I’ve worked with the marginalised to the jobless. Post-Christendom and the transition to secular societies has brought with it many challenges for the church,” Mr Knott said.

“At its essence, I listen to and try to understand people’s faith journey and teach them to live at peace within their lives.

“My own day sees me start with a bible reading followed by stillness and meditation.

“I work closely with youth and adults who may at a confused stage of their lives. The role of the priest or archdeacon is a privileged one in that we are designated and set apart from the community, with time allocated to us for anybody in need.

“I see quite a lot of issues concerning relationships and domestic violence.

“But to see people thriving in their life’s purpose, that’s my calling.

“Anybody can find themselves at a place of worthlessness. I recall a lady in that dark place who went on to run a major drug rehabilitation project.

“The key is creating a snowball effect to enrich the lives of all and we can do that one life at a time.

“Over the years, I’ve felt a stronger and insistent calling from God and that is a wonderful way to spend one’s life.”

Mr Knott is assisted by two other staff at the Leongatha parish yet still performs many administrative tasks throughout his days.

Each new day brings about a different challenge. One day may see him at the hospital, with patients requesting a prayer for their health.

One thing remains clear for Mr Knott. He will work tirelessly to identify and foster vocations for all.

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