Hayman laughs her way to top


Hayman laughs her way to top

Up and coming: former Inverloch comedian is performing in The Comedy Zone at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

THOSE who went to school with Hayman Kent said she was quiet, and now she is one of the country’s best up and coming comedians.

Hayman, who grew up in Inverloch, has been handpicked to star in The Comedy Zone at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

“The Comedy Zone is a feature show that the comedy festival put together and produce every year,” she explained.

“They hand pick what they call the five best up and coming comedians from around Australia and give them about 12 minutes each in a collective show.

“I am the representative from Victoria and I am the only female as well.”

Talent producers are invited to come along and see the newest talent in the industry. Hayman hopes this will boost her career.

“Next year I would like to do a solo show at the comedy festival,” she said.

“There’s a very loose framework of the trajectory into having your own show. Of course there is no exact framework but a lot of people who do The Comedy Zone go on and do a solo show at the festival the following year.

“That’s something that I had in mind for a while.”

Hayman said she was overwhelmed by being named one of the country’s best young comedians.

“Absolutely, an honour,” she said.

“It is a huge yet intimating title to have.”

When The Star asked Hayman what got her into comedy she replied: “I don’t know. I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh and I saw an ad for a comedy writing workshop and I thought that would be sweet.

“I went along and did that and then I pretty much just got hooked on doing stand up.”

Hayman has been in the industry for about 18 months and was a national finalist in the RAW Comedy competition.

At school, Inverloch Primary and Newhaven College, Hayman said she thought she was funny.

“In my head I remember being a class clown,” she said.

“But when I talk to my old class mates they say it’s funny I’m a stand up because I was so quiet at school.

“It’s the same at uni too. When people found out I was doing stand up and they couldn’t believe it because I was so apparently quiet.”

Quite a multitalented young lady, Hayman is not restricted to just comedy.

“I just finished my music degree; I studied classic singing at the Melbourne conservatorium through Melbourne University,” she said.

“I love writing and I love doing stand up, and I’ve just started work as an actor and I’m really enjoying that as well.

“I definitely don’t think I will ever be able to pigeon hole myself. It’s either I get really distracted or I just like a lot of things.”

With a quite unusual name, Hayman finds it easy to start off a set with jokes about herself.

“When I start reeling off the jokes about my name people start coming up with them at the same time,” she said.

“It’s a very instinctive thing for people to come back with. As soon as I meet people they are straight away making comments.”

Hayman is encouraging the people of South Gippsland to get involved and see some shows at the festival.


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