Landcare honours finest achievers


Landcare honours finest achievers

Gold winners: South Gippsland Landcare Network chair Stephen Hoole, Alex Campbell, Wilma Mackay, Lyn Mitchard, Ross Pearson, Bill Loughridge, Zoe and Richard Baillie, John and Tricia Fleming, James Forbes, Adrian Rathjen and Rob Youl OAM.

LANDCARE members were honoured for outstanding service at the South Gippsland Landcare Network’s annual meeting recently.

Twelve gold certificates were presented for 20–25 years’ service, 18 silver presented for 15-19 years’ service and 44 bronze for 10-14 years’ service.

Conservatively, this equates to more than 1000 years’ service for the people honoured. With many of the certificates given to couples, the figure is really so much higher.

That is 1000 years dedicated to making South Gippsland a more sustainable environment; 1000 years in protecting our precious rivers; 1000 years in revegetating our landscape; and 1000 years farming in the best way possible.

Those 74 Landcare families represent less than 10 per cent of the current Landcare membership in South Gippsland, so just imagine the hours dedicated to making the region sustainable.

Last year, as part of the Victorian Landcare Awards, there was a 25th Anniversary of Landcare Honour Roll.  The roll was created to honour members for their service to Landcare over 10 or more years.

South Gippsland Landcare Network was aware that some people might have been missed in the Victorian Honour Roll and also wanted to recognise their important contribution to Landcare in South Gippsland.

So the network created its own honour roll of people mentioned on the Victorian honour roll and additional people from local Landcare groups, said network co-ordinator Belinda Brennan.

“We are aware that some Landcarers have been overlooked and for this we are sorry. Please be assured that the work you have done has not been unappreciated; your Landcare legacy is very much esteemed by the South Gippsland Landcare Network,” she said.

The certificates were presented to those present by Rob Youl, OAM. He is a Gippsland local and has been involved in Landcare for 25 years.

Mr Youl was awarded an Order of Australia Medal in last year’s honours list for services to conservation and the environment in Victoria through the Landcare movement.

“With new people moving into the district each week and joining their local Landcare group, the tradition of sustainable farming will continue,” Ms Brennan said.

If you are interested in being part of Landcare and helping to make South Gippsland a more beautiful and sustainable environment, call the network on 5662 5759.

So as you drive along and enjoy the gorgeous scenery, give thanks to the thousands of hours these dedicated volunteers have put in making this South Gippsland the best place in Australia.

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