Lynette reaches out to animal lovers in time of need


Lynette reaches out to animal lovers in time of need

PUPPY LOVE: Lynette Hawkes with a bunch of friends who are looking for homes in the region. Lynette has dedicated her life to helping animals in distress and finding new home with caring owners.

ADORABLE puppies and dogs rescued from dire situations need foster carers, transport aiders and general help in the South Gippsland area.
South Gippsland co-ordinator for ‘Starting Over Dog Rescue’, Lynette Hawkes from Toora, volunteers her time doing just that – caring for an abundance of puppies and dogs in need of love and attention.
The not for profit organisation primarily receives weekly deliveries of dogs (and other animals) in need from Mildura and Broken Hill, New South Wales.
“It’s much needed up there. If dogs are unfortunate enough to be found without a microchip, they have eight days before they are euthanized,” Mrs Hawkes said.
“We all meet at Calder Park in Melbourne to pick up the animals – it’s amazing to see everyone there to help.”
Every dog is temperament tested so that the organisation can determine if the dog is human and pet friendly and can be re-homed.
However, the rescue group has no conditions of acceptance when it comes to the state of the dogs.
“All of them are in poor condition,” Mrs Hawkes said.
From flees to broken bones, even amputations, ‘Starting Over Dog Rescue’ will do whatever it takes ensure their rescue dogs are on the road to recovery.
“Recently a ranger found a pup run over in a drive way with two broken legs. They paid to fly him down to Melbourne,” Mrs Hawkes said.
“It just breaks your heart.
“But it’s a great thing to do, and beautiful to let them go to a good home.”
Four years ago Mrs Hawkes started her foster carer journey when she visited the Carlton Dog Lovers Show.
She adopted a dog from the rescue group there and then and later applied to rescue groups as a volunteer.
‘Starting Over Dog Rescue’ was just lucky to snap her up first.
When asked if she was tempted to keep all of her foster dogs, Mrs Hawkes laughed.
“It happens. We call them ‘foster fails’ – when you end up adopting them yourself”.
Birk, an ex-foster pup of Mrs Hawkes, now lives out his blissful life on her farm in Toora after she made the decision to adopt him.
“You do get attached to all of them, but seeing families with excited children coming to adopt their new dog makes it worth it. And most families send updates” Mrs Hawkes said.
While the initiative is thriving across the state, foster carers in South Gippsland are few and far between with just five volunteers in the region.
“We need foster carers, but we also need volunteers to help with transport and vet trips,” Mrs Hawkes said.
‘Starting Over Dog Rescue’ assists carers with all their needs, including providing cages and housing for dogs, food, bedding, dog runs, toys and more, as well all covering all vet costs – all that’s needed is to give the dogs some much needed love and attention.
Individuals aged 16 and upwards can apply as a volunteer – and it doesn’t matter if you work full time.
“We understand people are busy, most of our volunteers work full time,” Mrs Hawkes said.
“Even if people are travelling to Melbourne on Wednesdays, it would be great if they could transport dogs back here,” Mrs Hawkes said.
To volunteer, you can visit or call Lynette Hawkes on 0422 511 882.

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