Man celebrates 12th birthday


Man celebrates 12th birthday

Birthday boy: Karsten Krohn is officially 48 on Feb 29, but technically just 12.

KARSTEN Krohn of Leongatha is going to be celebrating his 48th birthday tomorrow (Wednesday), but with a twist.
As a leap year baby, or leapling, Mr Krohn is lucky enough, or perhaps, unlucky enough to have been born on February 29.
This means that even though in real terms he will be turning 48, it will actually only be the 12th birthday he has been officially able to celebrate.
A leap year occurs every four years, as the actual time taken for the earth to revolve around the sun is approximately 365 days and 6 hours. This means that every four years, an extra 24 hours have accumulated, resulting in the addition of the 29th day to February.
When Karsten tells people his birth date, they often don’t believe him. He says that the worst thing about being born on February 29 is that he didn’t get to celebrate his birthday properly each year when he was growing up.
He instead chooses to celebrate on March 1, which Mr Krohn says doesn’t feel quite the same as being able to acknowledge his proper birthday.
When he was younger, Mr Krohn said it was harder to cope with being a leap year baby, but now that he is a little older and wiser, he doesn’t mind so much.
“The fewer birthdays you have after turning 40 the better,” he said.
Friends and family also like to make light of the fact that Mr Krohn’s birthdays are formally only every four years, by giving him children’s birthday cards depicting his birthday age instead of his official age.
For Mr Krohn, the best thing about being a leapling was the year he celebrated his tenth (fortieth) birthday, was the same year his children Justin and Brayden turned 10.
Mr Krohn shares his unusual birth date with a few famous faces, including Australian comedian Frank Woodley and American rapper, Ja Rule. A leapling is also the central character in The Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera, The Pirates of Penzance. The plot of the opera revolves around Frederic, who has officially turned 21, but has not yet had his 21st birthday.
This is one milestone Mr Krohn still has to look forward to, which will take place in 2048. He is anticipating celebrating his 21st birthday with his friends and family, who will all be in their eighties.
While Mr Krohn has no official plans for the party yet, he expects it to be a day full of merriment.
To celebrate this year, Mr Krohn will be either going out for dinner with his family or playing night tennis.

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