Miners’ Dispensary is your partner in health


Miners’ Dispensary is your partner in health

THE Miners’ Dispensary in Wonthaggi is more than just a pharmacy. It is your partner in health, with a focused and trained team of professionals who can improve your health and wellbeing in many different ways.
With summer coming up it is appropriate we consider the damage the sun can do to our skin.
We are running a Sun Awareness Clinic on Wednesday, November 15.  In a one-on-one consultation, a specialist nurse will assess photograph and analyse your face using sophisticated UV photography and RBX technology, and provide valuable information on reducing risk factors and effective use of sunscreens, including providing a personalised take-home skin analysis report.
The clinic is very reasonably priced at just $15 for a consultation (members’ price $10). Bookings are essential and numbers are limited.
Our pharmacists can also assist you in reviewing your medications through a MedsCheck.  MedsCheck is ideal for anyone who takes five or more prescription medications or has had a recent significant medical event.
These are a free one on one in store consultation with your pharmacist to review and discuss the best ways to manage and the get the most out of your medicines.
It focuses on education and self management and aims to give you a better understanding of your medication and assist in making sure it
We also offer ‘on demand’ flu and Boostrix injections. If you are expecting a new baby in your family, a Boostrix injection, which helps prevent the spread of Whooping Cough, should be considered.
Whooping cough is always in our community, and everybody who may be in close contact with your newborn can and should be vaccinated to help protect themselves and your baby.
Whooping cough vaccination is quick, simple and available at the Miners Dispensary.
And we are also very proud to announce the arrival of the Impromy Weight Loss program to Wonthaggi.
Developed in collaboration with CSIRO, the Impromy program focuses on improving health through weight loss and good nutrition.
It comprises nutritious and great tasting meal replacements along with high protein meals and ongoing support by trained pharmacy staff.
The key elements of the program include;
• a clinically tested program developed in collaboration with the CSIRO;
• high protein meals and nutritionally enhanced meal replacements;
• personalised meal plans and cookbook;
• free Impromy Health consultations and regular health reviews;
• smartphone app to track weight loss and provide support between visits; and
• phoneline support by a trained dietitian.
Our pharmacists will become part of your weight loss journey, providing real support with regular health reviews and reports.
Health reviews are conducted throughout the program and measured at day one; one month; three months; six months and 12 months.
Your Impromy program consultant will monitor your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. These are all key indicators of your health that can be improved with better diet, exercise and weight loss.
The use of enhanced meal replacements in combination with whole foods allows for greater flexibility for those with busy lifestyles or who are struggling to reach a sustainable meal pattern.
This program does not take you away from the social connection with food such as eating with families and other social events, but helps you to plan for these occasions.
The Impromy Health and Weight Loss Simply Well eating plans have been specifically designed by CSIRO dietitians to provide you with a balance of protein to help you manage hunger, essential nutrients for vitality, and fibre for bowel health to kick start your weight loss and help you keep it off.
The Impromy Health and Weight Loss Program consists of three phases for health and weight management and you will be progressed through these phases as you advance through the program.
Throughout your time on the program you will have ongoing advice and effective tools to help achieve your weight loss goals.
A healthy lifestyle is something we should all aspire to. To get started is easy. Just visit Miners’ Dispensary today to speak to our trained and dedicated staff to discover how you can benefit from the Impromy program. They will book you in for your initial consultation and outline the program in more detail.
Call the pharmacy on 03 5672 1034 or drop in at 169 Graham Street, Wonthaggi to learn more about any of these valuable health initiatives.

Health focus: from left, Pam, Caz and Linda are ready to help you with your new summer look using the Impromy weight loss program, at the Miners’ Dispensary, Wonthaggi.

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