Narnia excels on first night


Narnia excels on first night

LOCAL stars young and old set the stage alight on Friday with the opening of the Lyric Theatre production of Narnia.

With a mostly school age cast, the show was overflowing with energy and enthusiasm from the group with many young performers making their debut into the world of theatre.

The leads Tom Barker (Edmund), Morgan Anthony (Lucy), Kate Ball (Susan) and Ayden Westaway (Peter) performed outstandingly in their rolls and had the audience backing them up in the battle for good.

Once joined by other good guys and Aslan, played by Charles Gruen, you cannot help but hope to see good prevail.

On the other side of the good and evil see-saw is the fantastically evil White Witch, played by Lauren White.

Lauren’s passion made the White Witch and minions an easily hateable crew, eccept for her dwarf servant played by young James Cantwell.

His witty one-liners brought the laughs of the audience as he made the dwarf character his own.

Also bringing the laughs were Mr and Mrs Beaver, played by Terry Lay and Kathryn Westaway.

Their on stage chemistry and accents had the crowd in hysterics, but the pair was able to keep the solemn mood in other dramatic sections of the play.

The venue was used well with Narnians making their way to and from stage in all direction, including from behind the raised seating.

The front rows were right in the action with the floor in front of them used as a stage as plenty of the battles and drama unfolded at their feet. The front row was even treated to a taste of the White Witch’s delicious Turkish Delight.

The small but skilled orchestra led by Colin Chandler were fantastic at setting the mood for the show.

The set was simple but effective, with snow falling several times and bright and dark lighting to set the scenes.

Director Scott Miller and his team and cast are to be commended on this brilliant rendition of a childhood classic for many people.

The show is perfect for young and old and a must see while you can.

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