Quality mixed in cheaper market


Quality mixed in cheaper market

There were approximately 1200 export and 230 young cattle penned, representing an increase of 124 head week on week.
The usual buying group was present, but not all operating fully in a cheaper market with one interstate exporter re-entering the sale after a short absence.
Quality was mixed with a lot of weight in the bullocks, fewer young cattle and cows making up half of the yarding.
Young cattle suited to the trade sold from firm to a few cents easier, while secondary and plainer young lots were harder to sell. Grown steers and bullocks eased 3c to 7c/kg. Heavy weight grown heifers sold firm. Heavy weight manufacturing steers eased 3c to 5c/kg. Cows sold from 5c to mostly 10c/kg cheaper and more on some sales. Heavy weight bulls declined 10c to 15c/kg.
Vealers suited to butchers sold from 278c to 310c/kg. Yearling trade steers made between 266c and 290c/kg. Yearling heifers to the trade sold between 255c and 274c/kg. Grown steers made from 256c to 270c/kg. Bullocks sold from 258c to 272c/kg. Heavy bullocks in excess of 750kg made between 253c and 270c/kg. Heavy weight grown heifers showing good finish sold between 245c and 265c/kg. Heavy weight Friesian manufacturing steers made from 215c to 234c with the crossbred portion from 225c to 261c/kg.
Most light and medium weight cows sold from 142c to 215c/kg. Heavy weight cows made between 182c and 228c after a top of 235c/kg for a couple of younger cows. The better shaped heavy bulls sold between 210c and 266c after a top of 280c with the dairy lots between 190c and 220c/kg.
The next sale draw – January 24: 1. SEJ, 2. Alex Scott & Staff, 3. Elders, 4. Phelan & Henderson & Co, 5. Landmark, 6. Rodwells.
Sheep Sale Wednesday, January 24 at 12pm.
Prime Sale – Wednesday, January 17
15   SJC Farms, Thorpdale 628.3kg   272.0   $1709.07
10   Compro Solutions P/L, Krowera 646.5kg   272.0   $1758.48
12   G., S. & D. Churchill, Kilcunda 616.7kg   270.0   $1665.00
11   L. & M. Barrett, Korumburra 741.8kg   269.6   $1999.94
11   J. & V. Alicata, Thorpdale 790.0kg   269.6   $2129.84
14   N. Rowe, Outtrim 676.4kg   268.0   $1812.83
2     Formbuild P/L, Phillip Island 392.5kg   310.0   $1216.75
1     W.A. Rendell, Yarram 365.0kg   306.6   $1119.09
1     W. & N. Harley, Kardella South 340.0kg   297.6   $1011.84
1     L. Goodfellow, Mt Eccles 325.0kg   293.6     $954.20
1     J. Giardina, Mirboo 360.0kg   291.6   $1049.76
12   S.M. Davies, Outtrim 403.3kg   287.6   $1159.99
2     L. Goodfellow, Mt Eccles 347.5kg   293.6   $1020.26
1     P., D. & T. Vidamour, Toora 355.0kg   293.6   $1042.28
2     W. & N. Harley, Kardella South 315.0kg   285.0     $897.75
7     S.M. Davies, Outtrim 378.6kg   283.0   $1071.36
1     R. & A. Durkin, Outtrim 205.0kg   280.0     $574.00
1     M. Durkin & P. Xuereb, Kongwak 225.0kg   280.0     $630.00
1     E. Higgins 600.0kg   235.0   $1410.00
1     G. & L. Simmons, Woodside 600.0kg   235.0   $1410.00
2     Vuillerman Past Co, Yanakie 655.0kg   228.0   $1493.40
1     D. & K. Belcher, Woodside 750.0kg   225.0   $1687.50
7     Julie Jones, Fish Creek 610.0kg   222.0   $1354.20
1     M. & K. Nicholls, Toora 740.0kg   222.0   $1642.80
1     Providence Ridge, Hazelwood Nth 885.0kg   280.0   $2478.00
1     B. Whelan, Glengarry 1255.0kg   265.6   $3333.28
1     M. Wight, Meeniyan 1110.0kg   260.0   $2886.00
1     I. & G. Balbo, Yarram 1000.0kg   255.0   $2550.00
1     A. & K. Mangiafico, Dumbalk Nth 920.0kg   245.0   $2254.00
1     R.J. Mackenzie, Leongatha 1090.0kg   245.0   $2670.50

Cattle watch: Ryan and Aidan Treacy from Leongatha were at the VLE Leongatha store sale last Thursday for school holiday fun.

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