Roadworks delays frustrate drivers


Roadworks delays frustrate drivers

THE latest roadworks on the South Gippsland Highway at Ruby will remain within budget, but will still delay motorists.

Drivers have vented their frustration with ongoing works on that section of the highway and the traffic delays they cause.

The latest works will repair works completed last year. VicRoads said those works were impacted by adverse weather conditions.

A bitumen seal surface was applied to protect the site during winter and spring to prevent damage to vehicles.

The temporary seal is now being lifted and the crushed rock compacted before a new seal is applied to make the road smoother and safer for motorists.

VicRoads told The Star last week the works were funded through the Restore and Repair program and remain on budget for the funding amount of $1.53 million.

VicRoads will continue to maintain the current unsealed surface and final surfacing works are likely to occur early this week.

Readers commented on The Star’s Facebook page:

  • Andrew Nicholls: “We build roads cheaply. They are not up to the current freight task. Vehicles these days are allowed to carry more weight than ever, which is supposed to gain freight productivity. Road construction needs to move forward with the masses being carted on them.”
  • Carmen Olm: “Between here and Fountain Gate 8 lots of roadworks with delays on each…an hour’s travel time turned into 2. Seems silly doing them during busy school holidays. This was also after checking the VicRoads website to ensure there was not lengthy stops at roadworks.”
  • Simone Gregg: “If they built them to top standards then this wouldn’t happen!”
  • Beck Harland: “I’ve been stuck at those roadworks a few times on my way to work, there needs to be a sign further back to indicate a detour can be made instead of sitting in them. It took me 25 minutes to get from Korumburra to Leongatha one of those mornings, when I sat through 2 turnovers at the lights. I definitely would have appreciated a heads up! Will be detouring until they are finished I think.”
  • Nik Embury: “After having just returned from a holiday in the north east of Vic, it’s more obvious than ever that our roads, in Gippsland, are an absolute joke. Constant roadworks and then excuses for those roadworks not being done properly. All of this despite a lengthy ‘fix our roads’ campaign by The Star. It seems as though we are the ‘poor cousins’ in Gippsland, yet again!”

Nick Jeremiah: “My thoughts are to bring down the road crews from NSW to get the roads done

More delays: drivers take it slowly along the South Gippsland Highway during roadworks at Ruby last Thursday.

More delays: drivers take it slowly along the South Gippsland Highway during roadworks at Ruby last Thursday.

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