Rubbish spoils Venus Bay


Rubbish spoils Venus Bay

  DISGUSTING SIGHT: Overflowing rubbish bins at Venus Bay’s beach one have prompted residents to call for action.


RUBBISH is polluting the Venus Bay coast and residents have had enough.

They’re calling on authorities to act, with a lack of bins and disrespectful visitors prompting residents to say they have no option other than to pick up rubbish.

One of those is Peter Prysten, who said the rubbish problem occurs year and year.

“During this period, we and others, walk along the beaches and their corresponding carparks, with a rubbish bag and pick up rubbish,” he said, noting the rubbish situation was horrendous at beach one last week.

“We are aware South Gippsland Shire Council introduced a compulsory six-month kerbside collection, the intention of which was to reduce the rubbish problem.

“We have always maintained that the rubbish was a problem created by visitors, not residents and despite compulsory kerbside collection, we still have the same problem. Residents are still paying for this ineffective solution.”

Mr Prysten said rubbish bins had been removed from beach carparks at beaches two, three and four, and reported tissues and plastic drink bottles scattered at beach two.

“There are two pairs of bins at beach one, only 20m apart, but even that distance is excessive for some visitors. The two pairs of bins should be closer together,” he said.

“What would be the effect of removing bins from beach carparks with large signs requesting the visitors to take their rubbish home?

“If the bin option is chosen, the amount of rubbish generated during holiday periods is so high that commercial size bins are required, to be collected daily. Standard rubbish bins are simply inadequate.”

Mr Prysten urged council to work with Parks Victoria to solve the issue.

“Residents cannot be expected to do the cleaning up and in any case the problem is beyond our ability to do so,” he said.

Parks Victoria’s Gerard Delaney said preserving special places was the shared responsibility of Parks Victoria and visitors.

“We encourage people to share our ‘carry in, carry out’ waste ethos to respect and care for the natural environment now and into the future,” he said.

“During busy periods, Parks Victoria increases the frequency of ranger patrols in coastal area like Venus Bay to monitor park activity and ensure visitors are doing the right thing.

“If your rubbish doesn’t fit in the bin, don’t dump it where wildlife can get to it. Take it away with you and dispose of it properly.”

Venus Bay’s beach one has an onsite bin to assist day visitors.

Parks Victoria is not currently considering commercial sized bins for Venus Bay.

Council’s offices are currently closed.

Anyone witnessing rubbish dumping or littering in a park can call Parks Victoria on 13 1963 or the EPA Litter line on 1300 372 842.

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