Rubbish stink spoils holidays


Rubbish stink spoils holidays

THE Inverloch community is calling on Bass Coast Shire Council to collect landfill bins weekly during the holiday season, to avoid smelly, overcrowded bins around town.

Landfill bins are only collected fortnightly in Inverloch and broader Bass Coast after a new three bin system was introduced in 2017.

Landfill bins will be collected in Inverloch today (Wednesday), but were not last week, despite an influx of holidaymakers to the area, and Christmas and New Year festivities resulting in bins filling quickly and in some cases, overflowing.

Holiday home tenants are arriving to find landfill bins already full with rubbish left by previous tenants, and as a result, some people are dumping landfill waste in recycling bins.

Adam Leys, a director at Stockdale and Leggo, Inverloch, is frustrated after predicting the lack of summer collection would cause problems and telling council so numerous times.

His agency arranges the letting of holiday houses to the visitors whose business is crucial to Inverloch’s economy.

“It’s already causing major problems,” Mr Leys said.

“Tenants are paying big sums of money to stay here for a week and the least they expect is to have their rubbish collected.

“People on holidays are not interested in learning about bin services. They are going to fill up the bin quickly at this time of year.”

Mr Leys said council was not receptive to his concerns and told him holiday house tenants should take their rubbish to the tip or landlords should pay private contractors to collect the landfill waste, despite landlords already paying rates for such a service.

Some landlords are turning to private contractors to alleviate tenants’ rubbish woes.

Mr Leys said council needed to arrange only two extra landfill bin pickups during the summer holidays.

“It does not make sense not to do it,” he said.
“You have got to acknowledge that it’s a big holiday destination. It’s a huge influx of people and they make more waste than they would at home.

“The tenants are saying it’s not good enough.”

Mr Leys said tenants were disposing of rubbish in any bin they could find, including recycling bins.

“It’s got to be reconsidered for next year. It’s just a crazy situation at the moment. I’m happy to have it in place throughout the rest of the year but for four weeks of the year it’s got to change,” he said.

Inverloch resident Margaret Pope said landfill bins should be collected weekly at this time of year, as are recycling bins.

“All the way down Cuttriss Street people had their landfill bins out and they would be out all week,” she said.

“The problem is that if it’s windy, the bins are going to get knocked over and apart from that, it looks bad.

“There are full bins sitting around holiday lets. It’s disgusting.”

Felicity Sist, council’s general manager infrastructure and environment, said council had no plans to review the bin system.

“The bin audits we undertook in the lead up to the introduction of our three bin system showed the organic content of our garbage bins over summer was as high as 69 percent,” she said.

“While it may take some sorting of recycling and organics, a fortnightly waste collection should be sufficient over the summer period.

“The organic material, which can get a bit smelly, will still be collected weekly through the organics bin. Making sure bin lids are closed and placing bins in a shaded area will help reduce odours.”

Ms Sist said council worked with holiday home owners and letting agencies to help with the introduction of the three bin system.

“Most have managed the change very successfully. Holiday homes often require additional waste management as part of their business model. As with any business, some overhead costs need to be managed by the owner/operator and waste management is one of these services,” she said.

“Council is able to provide upgrades to landfill bins, and additional recycling and organics bins to such properties on a long term basis, however we recommend holiday home owners work with commercial providers for short term waste management issues.”

Ms Sist said council provided information to help residents and visitors adjust to the new three bin system.

“This includes the fridge magnet calendar which was delivered with the new set of bins, along with stickers, flyers and posters,” she said.

Simple fix: Inverloch resident Margaret Pope, and many others in Inverloch, are calling on Bass Coast Shire Council to collect landfill bins weekly during the holiday season to cater for the influx of holidaymakers.

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