Teen crash mystery


Teen crash mystery

Time to learn: Bob Kuhnell, at his business, Alberton Marine, holds a photo of his granddaughter Angela, now in a stable condition in hospital.

By Matt Dunn and Brad Lester
POLICE could not say whether the car involved in a fiery crash last week at Yanakie was lent to the trio of 15-year-old girls or whether it was stolen.
That’s a grey area at the moment and we’re still looking into it,” Foster Police’s Sergeant Neil Coates said.
“It’s still under investigation, but it’s a bit of a tricky one. No one’s going to be sued over it, so we don’t really need to keep on flogging a dead horse.
“The girls are going to be in hospital for about three months. You won’t hear much more about it until they’ve been
The girls were following a car driven by a young man, but Sgt Coates said there was nothing to suggest he was doing anything wrong at the time of the crash.
“There was one boy in a car, there wasn’t a convoy. There was nothing to indicate they were drag racing or doing anything untoward,” he said.
Sgt Coates said he had received about 100 calls in the week following the accident, from members of the girls’ families, the media, the police and others.
“There’s nothing more to add at this stage. I’d be very doubtful anyone’s going to be charged at this stage, but it’s all up in the air,” he said.
The girls escaped from the January 23 accident with their lives, though Angela Kuhnell and a Yarram girl are expected to stay in the Royal Children’s Hospital for some time.
Both are in a stable condition. A third girl in the car, Karly Eades of Port Albert, was lucky to escape uninjured.
For families and friends of the trio, the days since the crash have been very
Angela’s grandfather, Bob Kuhnell, has called on young people to stop risking their own lives and those of others on the roads by driving illegally and recklessly.
Mr Kuhnell confirmed Angela was driving the car, with the two other girls on board when it hit a power pole on Foley Road at 7.25pm Saturday and burst into flames. Police said the car had reached speeds of up to 160km/h.
“There is a message in this for other youngsters. If a person has not got a licence, do not even enter a vehicle,” he said.
“I looked at the site and believe that if the power pole had not fallen to the right, these girls would have been dead for sure.”
Mr Kuhnell said he was unaware Angela could drive but has since learned she received a quick lesson during a recent camping trip.
“Young people should not get too confident in a car. They need lots of training,” he said.

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