Tower siting angst


Tower siting angst

Not happy: Jim Williams, Brian Collier and Darryl Lyons point to the proposed site of the telecommunications tower. Artist”s impression.

By Isaac McCallum
A 36m TELECOMMUNICATIONS tower proposed to be built overlooking Leongatha’s central business district has upset nearby businesspeople.
Business owners and lessees were given 14 days to voice their objections on October 14, meaning they only have 10 days to do so.
The tower is mooted for Canty Lane, behind Bair Street.
There will be numerous complaints made to South Gippsland Shire Council with residents and business owners claiming the tower is too tall for the location.
The tower was deemed unsightly to be built in Hughes Street, Leongatha and on top of Colliers Carpets, just 15m away from the current proposed site.
“Shifting the tower from one side of town to a business area on the other doesn’t fix the visual impact it may have when the tower is 36.3 metres high,” owner of Beveridge Williams’ building, Jim Williams said.
“When entering the business centre from the east on the South Gippsland Highway, it will be in the line of sight, where visual impact will be at its greatest.” The tower will stand five and a half times the height of the Beveridge Williams building, the double storey office next door to the proposed location.
“Other councils in Queensland have knocked them back,” said Darryl Lyons of Leongatha Used Furniture.
Although the tower meets the Australian standard of electromagnetic radiation exposure, the tower’s electromagnetic exposure will stretch 323m.
“This will encumber most of the shopping precinct of McCartin and Bair streets, and areas to the south and west,” Mr Williams said.
“Surely a rural location would provide more distance, coverage and have less impact on residents, shoppers, visitors and owners of business property now and in the future.
Mr Lyons added: “I’m a bit concerned about the health effects for people in general.”
Council still has to vote on the proposed tower.
“The community needs to know about this proposal. If they have any concerns please speak to your local councillors,” Mr Williams said.
“If this tower is approved, it will set a precedent and open the door for proposals from other telecommunication providers in the business area.”

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