Wonthaggi’s Bugboys rally home

BUGBOYS PUSH THROUGH: While their car broke down, Dale Thorn (left) and Wonthaggi’s Nathan Leversha crossed the finish line of the spring Shitbox Rally, while also raising funds for cancer research.

Daniel Renfrey


DESPITE a car breakdown, Wonthaggi’s Nathan Leversha and friend Dale Thorn, who made up team Bugboys in the spring Shitbox Rally, crossed the finish line last week.

The pair joined droves of drivers as they made their way from Melbourne to Townsville in their Volvo 240.

While their car ran into a fuel issue and eventually bowed out, Nathan and Dale joined others within their buddy group to cross the finish line and complete the cancer fundraiser.

“It felt great to complete the rally. You sort of felt a bit disappointed that it ended too but it was also nice to have a shower,” Nathan said.

“It feels good to be part of a cause. Cancer’s a pretty big thing for myself and others, and to help raise money to help find a cure was great. The rally really is a reward for the effort.”

The team enjoyed their journey across some of Australia’s most daunting roads, taking in the wonderful scenery and enjoying the company of others as they went.

“It was a great opportunity to see some amazing country and all the people who came along were really good,” Nathan said.

“You work as a team to get up and going, and there were mechanics who worked on the cars until sometimes 3-4am.”

Nathan and Dale’s Volvo 240 ran smoothly for the first stretch, but soon broke down due to a fuel issue.

Despite having to eventually give up on it, the team was able to join others and push through to the end.

“It was going really well so the fuel issue sort of caught us off-guard,” Nathan said.

“Lots of cars struggled and about 10 couldn’t make it but we are still really pleased with our effort.”

For team Bugboys, the opportunity to take part in the spring Shitbox Rally was priceless, and while it gave them the chance to raise money for cancer research, it also allowed them to make new friends.

“It’s amazing, you make friends for life really. We’ve been hanging out the last few days after it ended too sharing photos and memories from the event,” Nathan said.

“There were people from all walks of life and the whole spirit of the event was great because everyone was supportive and generous. It was pretty much an awesome community on wheels.”

Nathan and Dale raised $6,500 for the cause, while an overall $2.2million has been raised by the spring rallies so far.

The two have achieved something not many others have, all while raising funds for a worthy cause.



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