Amor bats for Katter


Amor bats for Katter

David Amor: the Korumburra businessman will throw his hat into the ring of federal politics, after an endorsement by Katter’s Australian Party to contest the seat of McMillan. This image has been digitally altered. Mr Amor does not generally wear a very big hat. Party leader Bob Katter does and is famous for it.

OUTSPOKEN Korumburra businessman David Amor has been selected by Katter’s Australian Party to contest the seat of McMillan at the upcoming federal election.

Mr Amor said the endorsement came through at 6.30pm on Sunday after he approached party founder Bob Katter – the controversial long time Federal Member for Kennedy (Queensland) – and told him he was keen to sign up.

“I went to spoke to Bob and his people, asking a lot of questions. When I got those answers I said, ‘Guys, you’re exactly where I reckon things should be going. What can I do? How can I help?’” he said.

“Most importantly, I told them I thought I had a lot to give the party itself.”

The party was founded by Mr Katter in mid 2011. The former National Party member turned independent in 2001, railing against his former party’s free market policies. Katter’s Australian Party was formed on a platform of ‘prosperity through job creation, establishment of infrastructure and support for Australian-owned businesses’.

Mr Amor said he was throwing his hat into the ring because he was disillusioned with federal politics and believes the electorate deserved something better.

“I am very proud and passionate to be a part of the Katter’s Australian Party and to run for McMillan.  Katter’s Australian party is for the average person having a go through shear guts and determination, getting this country back to where it should be,” he said.

“We are here for the average battler, dairy, beef and sheep farmers and small business person.”

Mr Amor nominated for a seat on South Gippsland Shire Council last year, but was narrowly beaten. He said moving to federal politics signified something “a hell of a lot bigger, with a lot more pressure”.

“I believe we need things happening and for Liberal and Labor to be given a decent kick to wake them up. Most people in the electorate are very disillusioned by the state of politics,” he said.

Mr Amor said Katter’s Australian Party upheld the standards of the former Country Party (which later became the National Party), “which is really for the average man, the guy who goes out there and works on the farm”.

“They’re the people we’ve got to look after. We’ve got to stop worrying about the number ones and go back to the people,” he said.

“It’s all about basics. When you see how these politicians behave in Parliament, it’s clear they’ve lost all credibility and politeness. Kindergarten kids behave better and they keep on giving themselves pay rises. We’ve got to stop the pay rises. When things are tight you’ve got to tighten your belt.”

Mr Amor said that while McMillan Liberal Party incumbent Russell Broadbent had done “a fantastic job”, he was hamstrung by the constraints of his party.

“He’s done a great job up until roughly now. He’s got to tow the party line. The party isn’t giving him any room to do anything. That’s where Katter’s Australian Party will open up things that should be looked at for not just McMillan, but the whole state of Victoria,” he said.

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