Bass Highway claims cars due to poor road condition


Bass Highway claims cars due to poor road condition

LUCKY ESCAPE: A 19-year-old Koonwarra man aquaplaned on the Bass Highway north of Inverloch, before his vehicle struck a tree yesterday (Monday).

A PLEA for roadworks on the Bass Highway to address the pooling of water between Leongatha and Inverloch has fallen on deaf ears.

Regional Roads Victoria is not proposing major works to make the highway safer there, despite a 19-year-old Koonwarra man aquaplaning on the highway north of Inverloch yesterday (Monday), near Pound Creek Road.

With oncoming traffic limiting his options, he was forced into a tree.

He was uninjured in the crash after hitting water gushing down the left hand side of the road after heavy rain and hail.

During rain, water fills ruts in the highway, limiting the safe driving surface, and water also spills over from drains.

Wild weather has been blamed for a spate of single vehicle accidents along the highway early on Monday.

On the highway between Kilcunda and Anderson at least four, possibly five vehicles, skidded off the road around 6am.

Police say the clean up was completed quickly, with local farmers using tractors to pull vehicles out of ditches.

The SES and ambulances attended the incidents. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Hail was believed to be the main contributing factor in the crashes. No drivers will be charged.

The Star posted a report of the Inverloch accident on Facebook and was overwhelmed with comments calling for the highway to be fixed.

  • Kerry McLeod: “Does it need attention? Is that a joke!!! The whole section from Leongatha to Inverloch needs a full rebuild. It’s so dangerous – not wide enough, terrible drainage, nowhere for anyone to go if they run off road apart from bush. I’m surprised there are not even more tragic accidents on this much used stretch.”
  • Wendy Brown: “Ditto to what Kerry McLeod said. Exactly what I was going to say. It’s like riding a rollercoaster in some sections.”
  • Allison Drury: “We were just talking about this very issue on this very road yesterday. The water pools in the wheel tracks and has been doing so for at least 10 years.

“It was a concern back when I used to drive this road everyday all those years ago. The other big issue along here is that the water can’t drain off the road due to the grass along the edge. Why don’t they grade road sides anymore and keeps the drains clear?”

  • Faye Rump: “VicRoads’ answer is always drop the speed limit and put up rough surface signs!!! How about fixing the roads and drains!!!”
  • Diversal Xi: “Yes my mum had a car accident on the same road three years ago. The car spun out three times across the road due to the water flooded road and nearly flipped over and we ended up in the gutter.”
  • Sue Res: “Definitely dangerous to drive on. Drags my car terribly when wet.”
  • Kalsie Storti: “Of course it needs attention! This has been an ongoing issue for years. Every winter it’s the same story. Nothing will be done until someone ‘important’ loses a loved one.”
  • Brett Eldo Eldred: “That stretch of road between Inverloch and Screw Creek bridge heading towards Leongatha is very dangerous and needs attention. My partner and I have had cars aqua plain straight towards us. Very scary for her and the kids.”

Asked about whether water pooling on the highway would be fixed, Regional Roads Victoria’s Sara Rhodes-Ward said,

“We urge all drivers to take extra care during wet weather by slowing down, accelerating and braking slowly, keeping plenty of room between your car and the car in front of you, and making sure tyres are in good condition.

“We encourage the community to report hazards and any concerns about the condition of the road network by calling us on 13 11 70.”

Burchells Panels of Leongatha attended the Inverloch crash.



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