Phillip Island a public exposure site for new measles case


Phillip Island a public exposure site for new measles case

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THREE confirmed measles cases have been identified in Victorian residents who have returned from overseas travel.

Two cases were infectious while attending public places.

Local exposure sites include Adventist Women’s Conference, Phillip Island Adventure Resort on Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28 and Pino’s Trattoria, 29-31 Thompson Avenue, Cowes on Saturday, July 27.

If you have been exposed to these areas, an onset of symptoms can be detected up until Thursday, August 15.

Dr Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer, is urging people to be alert for others who may have contracted the disease as it is highly infectious and can persist in the environment for up to two hours.

Clinical features of measles include fever, a severe cough, conjunctivitis and cold like symptoms, followed by a rash characterised by a flat, red area on the skin that is covered with small confluent bumps, usually starting on the face.

Individuals, especially children, are typically unwell.

People with measles are potentially infectious from around five days before, to four days after, the appearance of the rash.

If you think you or your child has been exposed to measles, or are showing any measles symptoms, you should see your GP.

Ask if your doctor can visit at home, or, if you visit a medical clinic, tell the receptionist as soon as you arrive, to avoid spreading the infection to others.

There are a large number of ongoing international measles outbreaks in Asia, Europe and America.

Dr Brett Sutton advised for people who are planning overseas travel to ensure they have received vaccinations appropriate to travel, including an MMR vaccine if they do not have a history of two previous MMR vaccinations.

Infants as young as 6 months of age can also receive free MMR vaccines prior to overseas travel to countries where measles is endemic, or where measles outbreaks are occurring.


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